Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How far are you willing to go for your kids?

After watching different reports on various news channels, I was stunned about one report that a father boarded a school bus, ranting and raging at elementary students. He threatened that he would hurt anyone who bothers his little girl.  Immediately, I thought about a scene from one of Tyler Perry's movies.  Specifically, the scene that "MaDear" stepped onto the school bus to threaten the bullies bothering her family member.  Would you handle this situation the same way?  I don't think the parent would actually hurt any of the students, however, I just think he wanted them to think he would hurt them so the bullying would cease.  Another manner to handle this situation is to ask the school bus driver to watch out for misbehavior.  If the driver didn't do anything about the misbehavior, then, I would get on the bus, talk to the children about bullying and inform them of the effects of bullying.  If that failed, I would contact the principal of the school to notify the parents of the bullies and arrange a meeting.  What would you do?

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