Monday, November 22, 2010

Need a few bucks? Click the link below

You know that I am always scouting for ways to make a couple of bucks right?  Right.  All of the prior websites I have directed you to in my posts are all legitimate ways to make money online.  I KNOW they are reputable because I have received checks or paypal deposits for participation.  I am not promising that you will get rich from these sites, but they do give you a little extra spending money.  Hey, an extra buck or two sounds great when you are broke!  Inbox Dollars, allows you an opportunity to make money and have some fun doing so.  I researched for other opportunities for cash and saw this website that I have already participated in the past.  I am an active member.  The site Inbox dollars allows you to play games, read emails, and surveys.  When you click on this link,
just complete the small form to get you started.  Simple questions, name, email address etc. 

I know I have skeptics, so I must tell you to try it out to see for yourself.  Truthfully, I haven't withdrawn money from my active account yet.  However, I am sure it wouldn't be a problem.  My prefered use is to build up money in my account first.  Then when I need my $$$, I'll request for it.  Anyhow, follow this link, to have fun making some extra dough for the Holidays!

Let me know what you think after you made your money.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

If you truly love Steppin music, like I know you do, then you need to check out the website and .  Trust me, Steppin will be worldwide.  Get on the bandwagon now. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oprah's favorite things show impressed, well.... most of us.

I am shocked by the gifts Oprah surprised her audience with yesterday.  The audience received gifts of diamond watches, cruises, 3-D television, clothes, shoes, kitchen items and of course food.  Everyone that was blessed enough to attend her show seemed quite happy to receive their gifts. 

However, an author named Janice Taylor from the Huffington post had a problem with Oprah giving away fatty foods.   She writes an article stating that Oprah is keeping America fat. Is she kidding me? She writes that on Oprah's favorite things list included author Marianne Williamson's book, A Course in Weight. This book provides information on how to overcome food addictions.  So, Janice Taylor was exposing the contradiction of Oprah's list and the concept of the book.  She proceeds to write that the Government and Oprah can't, have it both fatty foods and give advice on how to break addictions.

I know it is hard to believe, but follow the link to read her article for yourself I wonder what she'll expose about Monday's list of favorite things.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Okay, I got the scoop on more money saving sites for cheapies like me.  The first is  This site offers daily deals in Chicago.  For instance, today's deal is receiving a mani/pedicure  plus a glass of wine for only $21!   A savings of 51%, but you must hurry.  The deal has a time limit. 

The second site to visit is .  This site is FABULOUS!  If you eat on the go like most Americans, then you will love this site.  It has a list of well known restaurants that offer coupons at your favorites.  I saw coupons for White Castle Chicken rings for free w/ purchase.  Yum.

Your Time To Vent

Your Time To Vent
The view is a great show with a lot of controversial issues being discussed daily.  However,  sometimes these main issues spark a little anger every now and then.  Especially today's episode.  The discussion was about Airline security patting down children.  Each host was eager to state their opinion on the topic, when the producers of the show must have told Whoopi, to ask Sherri to take them to break or something.  Just at that moment, Barbara begin to speak and the rest is history.

I don't see what's the big deal with the Airline Security.  We have to take the necessary steps to prevent another travesty like 9/11 from happening again.  You can choose the pat down method, or you can opt for the x-ray feature.  What if there wasn't a x-ray?  Then you would have to be stripped searched.  If it bothers you that much to have either of these things happen, just take a train when you travel. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Losing weight eating junk food? Yeah!

I knew there was a reason why I was slim as a teenager.  Munching on chips, Doritos, and more junk actually attributed to my great physique.   Yeah, right.  Well, according to Professor Kaub at Kansas State University, you can lose weight by eating the junk foods that we adore.  There is a catch.  Just be sure to count your calories.  Hostess, Little Debbie Cakes, Doritos and Oreos was eatened by the Professor for two months.  He lost 27 pounds on the diet he declared as  "The Convenience Store Diet".  He stresses that as long as you keep your caloric intake 1800 calories per day you can shed pounds.  It's the caloric count that matters, not the nutritional value.  To prove his theory, he ate a twinkie every three hours and munched on Little Debbie Cakes and Corn Pops cereal.  In addition to the junk food, the Professor had taken a multi-vitamin each day.

Although the Professor has proven his theory about caloric intake, he does not advise others to partake in this diet plan.  He states that he could not continue this diet for the long haul.  Too many risk factors to your health. 

Would you try this diet?  Let me know.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deals! Deals! and More Black Friday Deals!

Is it time for an upgrade on your television set?  If so, Black Friday is the time to start shopping for televisions dirt cheap!  According to, There are companies beginning to advertise Black Friday deals now.  For instance, a 40" inch Westinghouse television will go for $298 at TARGET!  This site has the secret information on major stores offering big deals on Black Friday that can range from televisions to clothing.   It would be a disservice not to see what is upcoming.  Remember Christmas is less than a month away.

How far are you willing to go for your kids?

After watching different reports on various news channels, I was stunned about one report that a father boarded a school bus, ranting and raging at elementary students. He threatened that he would hurt anyone who bothers his little girl.  Immediately, I thought about a scene from one of Tyler Perry's movies.  Specifically, the scene that "MaDear" stepped onto the school bus to threaten the bullies bothering her family member.  Would you handle this situation the same way?  I don't think the parent would actually hurt any of the students, however, I just think he wanted them to think he would hurt them so the bullying would cease.  Another manner to handle this situation is to ask the school bus driver to watch out for misbehavior.  If the driver didn't do anything about the misbehavior, then, I would get on the bus, talk to the children about bullying and inform them of the effects of bullying.  If that failed, I would contact the principal of the school to notify the parents of the bullies and arrange a meeting.  What would you do?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elections are over!!!!!!

It took forever for this day to get here.  Finally, a peaceful dinner without annoying interruptions from a recording asking me to vote for a particular candidate.  It is bad enough that the phone ringing disturbed me while eating dinner, but when I answered it, there is a pre-recorded message for me to vote for a certain candidate.   That is enough to make me vote against the candidate! 

Now that you mastered the other puzzle....try this one!

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