Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weightloss pill that has been approved by FDA?

According to JoNel Aleccia on, the FDA actually approved a weightloss pill in 13 years?  This has to be effective...or at least I hope.  Of course you  must exercise and a reduce caloric intake for it to assist you with weight-loss.  But if it works... I am in.  Initially, the drug was disapproved due to heart valve difficulties.  Now, it has been deemed safe.  The drug itself operates by somehow "tricking" the brain into thinking that you are full and you will eat less food.  There are some stipulations.  Read more about this great news at this link at this link.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Destination.....Fresh Coffee!

With just over a year under our belt, and with close to a thousand coffees, we are proud to have become the largest coffee store on the Web!

ROASTe is the one-stop shop for people who want the at-home gourmet coffee experience. ROASTe connects coffee-lovers to the greatest variety and selection of award-winning, micro-roasted coffee, premium brewing equipment and accessories, original coffee content and a vibrant coffee community.   All you need is right here

User-generated reviews, and intuitive search and recommendation features offer consumers an unparalleled ease of selections. These reviews help guide you to your favorite coffee. Fresh coffee is shipped directly from our micro-roasters, making ROASTe the next evolutionary step in the world of gourmet coffee consumption at home. 


 is the only ecommerce site offering user reviews for micro- roasted coffee. User reviews have proven to be a key online sales driver, which explains ROASTe’s high conversion rates.

Now that you mastered the other puzzle....try this one!

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