Thursday, February 25, 2010

The right place at the right time....has its benefits!

Being informed of little things can make life a little easier.  For instance, knowing the right time to take a restroom break from a movie without missing the best part of the movie, or the best time to grocery shop, or taking a walk. 

The Scouts saying "Be prepared" can't be more relevant in this case.  At the movies it is almost a guarantee that you will visit the restroom at some point.  However, it seems that the "some point" happens when the drama in the movie starts.  Now you can avoid that annoyance by simply going to to find lists of movies along with time suggestions for taking a break before the action begins. 

Who would have ever believed that it is a perfect time to shop online! states that the best times to shop online are on Wednesday and Thursdays to find the biggest saviings on the average.  Retailers put new items on sale those days as well.

Finally, the best time to grocery shop is Wednesday specified by the Supermarket Association.  This is day was reported to be the least crowded, more selection and shelves are packed.  But hold on a minute, Urban areas best time to shop is on Sunday and Mondays. 

Now that you mastered the other puzzle....try this one!

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