Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Numerous women are faced with the dillema to work or become a stay at home mom. Some women are forced to become a stay at home mom because of lack of resources to assist them with their kids. If you are a single without relatives, you are up a creek without a paddle. It isn't worth going to work for a minimum wage paying job trying to manage the paycheck for child care, transportation and other necessary expenses. In essence, they are forced to be a stay at home mom. But you can still earn a paycheck. Companies like Alpine Access and Live Ops offer stay at home moms opportunities to make at least $9.00 per hour. I know it isn't much money, but considering that you are home with your kids, and you don't have to commute makes it worth checking.

Now of course there are some stipulations, but its workable. You can be an asset to the company if you have prior customer service experience, as well as,with the necessary home office equipment to get you started. I say that it is worth a try. It's a wonderful idea to have the pleasure to be with your kids, save money and work! Now that's a triple threat!

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