Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who would of Thought?

Did you know you can earn points by simply learning about recycling?  Of course, Recyclebank wants you to be an active recycler, but you can earn points by learning.  So begin earning your points.  Go to http://www.recyclebank.com/referafriend/?___store=us&bl=YWxleGFuZGVyODc0OEBjb21jYXN0Lm5ldA==&utm_campaign=Refer-a-friend&utm_medium=direct%20link&utm_source=E3333366&cm_mmc=Refer-a-friend-_-direct%20link-_-E3333366-_-referral

Now that you mastered the other puzzle....try this one!

Click to Mix and Solve