Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living in AZ

The article written by Victor Flowers

There’s nothing you could have told me a year ago that would make me believe I was actually going to be living out here in Arizona at this time this year. I had always been a city girl but when my boss came to me last year with the promotion of a lifetime I really just couldn’t turn it down even if it meant packing up all my things and moving halfway across the country. I knew I needed to know more about where I was moving so I looked into http://wildbluedeals.com/ internet and found out where the locals eat, all that kind of stuff. But let me tell you, no matter how prepared you think you are to move to a new city there’s nothing you can really do to make yourself ready for such a big change! I wish someone had told me beforehand how insufferably hot it was going to be here – my entire wardrobe was black but that doesn’t exactly work with the Arizona heat if you know what I mean!

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