Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking for ways to earn extra cash?

If you are seeking ways to make a buck or too quickly, let me give you suggestions.   Think about skills that are useful for freelance opportunities. Once you have done so, visit for freelance jobs for you to bid on.  Elance is similar to that it is also a freelance website.  Next, visit for writing assignments.  However, textbroker requires that you write a brief essay, in order for them to assess your writing level.  Afterward, they will list of writing opportunities according to your skill level.  There are plenty of online survey websites, such as, surveyhead, valued opinions, etc. 

Do you want to earn cash the old-fashioned way?  Might I suggest you try out temporary agencies.  Some Universities have an internal temporary agency you might want to inquire.

Well, I hope this helps with your job hunting.


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