Friday, October 29, 2010

Can you live without any money?

For one year, A man by the name Josh Stevens was able to do it.  He is an Accountant, so I am sure he knows how to budget, but, without any money next to impossible.   So, I thought.  He proved me wrong.  He uses Groupon Coupons.  The 28 year old used Groupons for transportation, to redeem clothing, and to assemble his paper outfit that he was wearing when he was discovered in Chicago last May.   As you have probably guessed, this is all part of a Contest by  Groupons is a online site that offers 50% -90% off of local goods, services, as well as, events.  First, sign-up, then check your email for coupons.  Second, share with friends via email social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Last step is to print the coupon voucher and present to the business.  What is great about Groupons is that you can even personalize your coupon.  Try it for yourself.  Visit and let me know what you think.

Now that you mastered the other puzzle....try this one!

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