Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mom and Me

Contribution by Saul Martin

Mom and I decided to start our own gift basket business a few years back and it’s been quite the adventure. She broke her hand and that was a mess and then when that was all taken care of I got pregnant with my first child. It’s been fun though and we’ve learned a lot about business and about each other along the way so all the hurdles have been worth it. Mom did all the business side stuff like going to http://smallbusiness.xo.com/ business xo and talking to the lawyers and I just concentrated on the marketing and getting the products we put out just right. There’s nothing to say except bring on the future – I know we’re going to be really successful now that we know what we’re doing! My dad and my husband have been so supportive of us and I just could never express to them how appreciative I really am. Things are better than they’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to mom and our little business that could, you know?

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