Sunday, October 19, 2008

Should teachers receive higher salaries?

I can go on and on about educational issues. Do you think that teachers should have a monetary increase? Why or why not? Before you answer, think about the fact that in Illinois teachers have to take three tests in order to become certified. 1. Basic skills test 2. Content Area Test 3. APT test (test professional knowledge) Take into consideration that these tests can take up to five hours to complete. Is there another profession that requires this many tests? Moreover, teachers have six hours of sleep or less a day. It appears that a teacher's schedule has less working hours, however, it isn't less work. Sometimes teachers work beyond the required time regularly. There is much planning, research, revision in developing lessons for the upcoming weeks. Especially first year teachers that are trying to figure a feasible system that would make their teaching experience better. Some beginning teachers don't last five years! Ask yourselves why? Just like other professions, teachers would like to have an above average living for their accomplishments. What's wrong with that? Please let me know how you feel!

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